Barbarians and S.O.B.s Unite

According to my calculations, it’s only a matter of time before tea partiers are called reptilian aliens from outer space. I would say zombies, but sadly that was already done by some charming people and their little video game, “Tea Party Zombies Must Die”. Just in the past few weeks, tea partiers have been labeled “terrorists,” “S.O.B.s,” “hobbits,” and “barbarians” who can go “straight to hell,” of course after they’re done, according to Representative Andre Carson, hanging African-Americans from the nearest tree.

I’m actually starting to lose track of the name-calling, but suffice it to say, the Left and its elected allies like Joe Biden and Maxine Waters, are upping the vitriol of their rhetoric. That’s what people do when they’re losing an argument: they either change the terms of the debate or resort to ad hominem attacks. Of course, name-calling means nothing. Already bereft of ideas, it seems the Left has also forgotten the little schoolyard chant about sticks and stones.

But beyond the name-calling, it is becoming deadly serious – our economy is tanking. Unemployment has barely budged from between 9-10%, and absolutely zero jobs were added in the month of August. Our President is wandering about between his and Michelle’s vacations, with clearly no idea of what to do. It should be pointed out that we are probably expecting too much from a former community organizer who never understood how jobs and capital are created in the first place. After getting beaten handily in 2009 in Virginia and New Jersey, 2010 nationally, hamstrung in Wisconsin in 2011 (I would say humiliated as well: after dumping tens of millions of dollars into the fight against Scott Walker’s Budget Repair Bill, the Supreme Court race and attempts to flip the majority in the State Senate thru re-call elections, the unions failed on all three counts), the Left, particularly the public sector unions, know they’re up against it in 2012.

The incredible, shrinking President’s numbers are, well, shrinking and the Democrats were already going to have a tough time holding the Senate in 2012: with the economy still dragging and unemployment high, it’s hard to believe holding the Senate will get any easier between now and November of 2012.

Seeing the trends in the poll numbers, and realizing the tide is against them, the Left is desperate. When people start flailing about, using harsh rhetoric, it’s an indication that there is mounting frustration. And one gets the sense that the public sector unions, while maybe not on their last gasp, are certainly feeling cornered and very threatened. The questions I have for the tea party, and those that identify with it, is what do you plan on doing to seize the moment in 2012? If people thought the successes of 2010, and even 2011, was going to fix things, they were mistaken. Our victories in 2010 were just the beginning of a long road back to true American exceptionalism.

American Majority has been planning its Training Bomb ( for a while now (yes, we swiped the term from the Ron Paul “Money Bombs”), with it having grown to trainings in 14 different states being held on Constitution Day, September 17th. The point of the trainings is to do the things that move the political dial and lead to political success. We of course believe in free enterprise and limited government, but what will make these ideas become reality? Political victories. Politics is policy. Those who win politically that make policy.

That’s why American Majority is constantly training conservative grassroots on organizing precincts, running for office and how to be more effective online. We’ll be doing that again on September 17th with our Training Bomb, rolling out a new manual, new presentations, all the while working to organize for a free America.

The Left is organizing now. You should be too. Go to and join us in organizing for victory on September 17th. America is waiting for us to make the name-callers and intellectually bankrupt on the Left eat their words in 2012.