How To Win In Virginia In 2013

* Written with Brian Baker, President of Ending Spending

As the eyes of the nation turn to key state races in 2013 – New Jersey and Virginia – the issues of fiscal responsibility and economic growth will be a yardstick for how voters measure candidates. This year, Virginia will play a critical role in the ongoing national discussion of how we reverse the massive growth of the federal government and begin to solve the problem of out-of-control government spending.

One thing is certain: we need strong, principled, innovative new leaders not only in Washington, but also in our state capitals—leaders who will attack fiscal problems head-on by reforming faulty tax codes and broken spending mechanisms, not just nibble around the edges. We need leaders who will take the fight directly to the political establishment and disrupt the ruling class which has failed our country so badly.

In 2012, American Majority Action and Ending Spending – non-partisan advocacy groups dedicated to reducing excessive government spending and waste, and restoring responsible spending practices in government – went to great lengths to support Governor Scott Walker and Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch in Wisconsin. As we said during the Wisconsin recall elections, “courage” was on the ballot.

For voters in 2013, the only real game in the country is in Virginia – and we’ve decided to team up again to help a brave and bold ticket win. Ending Spending and American Majority Action whole-heartedly endorsed Attorney General and GOP nominee Ken Cuccinelli for Governor. As regular Red Staters know, Cuccinelli is a champion for American families, small businesses and other liberty-minded people. Cuccinelli led the effort against Obamacare, and is one elected official who truly understands the importance of organizing and mobilizing the grassroots. But we’re not stopping there.

Given the tie in the Virginia State Senate – where current Lieutenant Governor Bolling at times votes with Democrats to stop practical reforms pushed by Governor McDonnell – future Governor Cuccinelli will need a courageous Lt. Governor. We think we’ve found what amounts to a great draft pick—in Virginia entrepreneur Pete Snyder, part of the important next generation of leaders who will get us back on the path of fiscal responsibility. A technology executive who pioneered the industry of social media marketing, Pete is making his first run for office, seeking the position of Lieutenant Governor in Virginia.

In a crowded field for the Republican nomination, Pete Snyder is the lone stand-out. Pete is a rare breed: he’s not another career politician—he’s an innovator and job creator, who has also supported smart policies and the right candidates for nearly twenty years, including as Governor McDonnell’s choice to run the Virginia grassroots effort in 2012. Pete’s experience growing jobs in the private sector makes him the best qualified candidate to be Virginia’s next Lieutenant Governor.

Pete is the real deal—and he’s proving it every day by running a campaign that is challenging the status quo. In the past few weeks, Snyder, a former college wrestler, showed that he’s unafraid to call the political class and career politicians out on the mat for their failures. Snyder took Virginia’s liberal Senate Democrat Leader to task for holding citizens hostage to insider political games. (Angered at being outmaneuvered by Senate Republicans, the top Senate Dem declared that he would retaliate by blocking critical work during the current legislative session). Snyder’s leadership earned him the ire of Richmond liberals, who angrily attacked him as “some nut job.”

The Virginian-Pilot correctly notes that Snyder’s show of leadership is “a score” for his campaign, demonstrating “to the Senate Republican Caucus he hopes to preside over next year that he’ll give them political cover when needed.” In other words, Snyder is going to stand strong on his common sense principles, and help others in Richmond do the same—and that is precisely what Virginia (not to mention every state in our country) needs right now. We agree with Erick and believe strongly that Pete is the best candidate to run alongside and complement Cuccinelli.

Ken and Pete’s demonstrated records as principled, effective leaders make them a great team to lead Virginia. We hope you will join us in supporting these candidates, and encourage you to join learn how to become delegates for both Ken and Pete at the Republican Party of Virginia’s nominating convention this May.