Mr. President, It’s Time To Fire Holder!

Washington D.C. is known for politicians bucking responsibility for their actions, or for those that are under their leadership. Enough is enough. Someone must be held accountable for the incompetence at the Department of Justice (DOJ). Mr. President, it’s time to Fire Attorney General Eric Holder!

There have been several recent high profile scandals that have rocked the DOJ and could have been grounds to fire this Attorney General. And let’s not forget that Eric Holder was personally instrumental in the pardoning of federally indicted financier Marc Rich by outgoing President Bill Clinton in 2001. But let’s fast-forward to today.

Voter intimidation from the 2008 election in Philadelphia should have led to some type of prosecution. Two New Black Panthers Party members notoriously stood outside of an inner city polling place, with one of them holding a billy club which he moved around as he talked. But Attorney General Holder somehow found no wrongdoing, despite the contrary evidence the photos and video showed that the average person would have been intimidated as they walked in to vote. That was strike one!

The Fast and Furious scandal exploded when it turned out The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives was selling weapons to Mexican drug cartels and then unbelievably lost track of many of them. One of those weapons was used to kill Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry in December 2010. E-mails showed that senior DOJ officials knew of the Fast and Furious Operation. After Holder failed to provide information to Congress about the scandal, Congress voted to hold Holder in contempt. That was strike two!

Then last month, news broke that the Department of Justice had seized records of the Associated Press and investigated Fox News’s James Rosen for disclosing national security information. It turned out that Holder himself signed off on the Rosen search warrant. Yet Holder testified before the House Judiciary Committee that “in regard to potential prosecution of the press for the disclosure of material — this is not something I’ve ever been involved in, heard of, or would think would be wise policy.” This statement prompted many to ask whether Holder has committed perjury. Strike three means you are out, Mr. Holder!

With all of these DOJ scandals, you would think the President would see the problems plaguing Holder. But now the DOJ is in charge of investigating the IRS’ targeting of conservative and tea party groups. Based on his record, we simply can’t trust Holder to investigate anything. He needs to be fired!