CPAC 2015’S Activism Boot Camp

For those who know me, or know about what we do at American Majority, you know I believe strongly in training and equipping activists and future leaders on how to win. Unless we have real wins in the public arena, all we’re doing is having nice conversations about what great policy would look like instead of making good policy a reality.

So this year at CPAC there’s going to be an emphasis on training and equipping.  As the leadership of the American Conservative Union (on whose board I do sit) says, “We’re putting the Action back into the Conservative Political Action Conference.”

This is the first year that this has really been attempted. With the help and involvement of the Leadership Institute, America Rising, Young Americans for Liberty and others, we feel that American Majority has put together a very solid training program for CPAC 2015.

The training starts on Wednesday afternoon, February 25th. For those of you that are local, come join us for the training and reception afterwards. You can register here for $25; you can register by selecting “One-Day Pass” on the drop-down menu. You will be given the option to select “Wednesday” in the second section of the form. Then on Thursday and Friday, we’ll have training going almost non-stop (except for a lunch break; we can’t have people passing out from hunger) from 10am to 4pm. You can see the training topics here.

We also wanted to incentivize people to attend the activism boot camp, so we’ve put in place some “perks” for coming to the training: if you do 3 hours of training, you’ll get access to the Activist Lounge. There will be internet specific to that room (as in, you won’t be on the same internet as thousands of others) and charging stations, as well as the fact that we’ll be having many of the main stage speakers coming through the lounge after they speak for pictures and autographs. We’ve also arranged for activists who do 3 hrs of training to get a “fast pass” to preferred seating during the main stage speeches.

So come join us for CPAC 2015’s Activism Boot Camp if you care about winning.