How We Win

The fact is that the Right is making strides to close the gap with the Left regarding campaign database technology. The Right, however, needs to be careful in understanding what this is really all about; with all the buzzwords of analytics, modeling, targeting, technology being thrown around in center right circles, there is the distinct danger in forgetting that database technology is absolutely a means to an end, not an end in and of itself.

When I say that technology is a means to an end, it is the means by which we can have the right conversations with the right people at the right time to get them to support the right candidate. Data and technology done correctly makes us more efficient in accomplishing what really is the gold standard in politics: live interactions with voters. That’s what Harper Reed was brought on to do for Obama: make the process of voter contact more efficient.

I’ve made the correlation between Henry Ford and his assembly line and campaign technology. Ford was able to reduce the time to assemble a Model T from 12 hours to 2 ½ hours and still produce the same car. Paper and pen, with printed walk books and maps, are much like Ford before the assembly line. Campaign technology with walk lists, surveys, and maps on smartphone devices, are the assembly line breakthrough. Technology is about connecting people with people in a more efficient way, about collecting data in real time that will inform better strategic and financial decisions moving forward.

We shouldn’t forget that technology is the sexy Ferrari sitting in the driveway that looks great, but will never move an inch unless it has fuel. And the fuel is the human element: the people that will actually be trained to use the technology. That’s why the approach to winning for Republicans and conservatives must be a holistic. We ignore building out a robust infrastructure at our own peril. We can build out the world’s greatest technology, but it means nothing without people to fuel it.

In addition, database technology must have certain aspects in place if it is to be truly a tool used for victory instead of a frustration.

* It should be powerful, but easy to use.

* It must allow for easy data in (either through collection or through imports) and it should be easy data out (a user should be able to easily extract data from a system at any moment.

* It should integrate all the streams of data that a campaign deals with, what I call Message, Manpower and Money, all into one database and make those data streams and updates happen in real-time.

All of the above is what we’ve done at Voter Gravity and we’re excited to see where we’re headed.

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