Transcript: Lou Dobbs Tonight 6/5/17

DOBBS: In our online poll last night, we asked you, does your week seem all the better because the dems, the globalists and the enviro-left are having a really lousy week? Ninety-five percent of you say yes, it does, which means we’re being, well, petty together, and we thank you.

Joining me now, founder and COO of American Majority Ned Ryun. Republican Times columnist, Fox News contributor, Tammy Bruce. Good to have you both here.

Tammy, let’s start with the president and the withdrawal from the Paris accord.


DOBBS: How nice is it to have a real leader in the White House?

BRUCE: Well, we’re getting that sense now, aren’t we? It’s been magnificent but it’s been also combined with clearly a change after Europe. There is some shifts in the White House, apparently, discussions about Mr. Bannon being a little bit more prevalent, and as a result, there’s action that matches the action of the president himself. He’s in front of the announcement. He didn’t just release it in a statement. It was in the Rose Garden. He as a result controlled the narrative. His quotes are the ones that lead, at leaving the vultures of the media behind. This is what they can expect for the next eight years. And that’s going to make even more liberals cry. It’s going to make this nation better and get us back on our feet.

DOBBS: Ned, what do you think?

NED RYUN, COO, AMERICAN MAJORITY: No. I think it’s great. He came back from just a phenomenal trip overseas that I really do think help changed the narrative. And that was one of the things that I’ve been trying to encourage, and trying to see if they could do to change the narrative. Go on the offense. Comes back from the overseas trip. He does this beautiful announcement yesterday with the Paris accord.

The thing that’s so great, Lou, we don’t have a president who’s trying to win some global popularity contest. We actually have a president who wants to put the American people first, the American workers, our future, our economy first. That’s his goal. And so that’s so encouraging to see.

The other thing that’s encouraging to me, Lou, about this week, we’re actually going on the offense as a GOP. This unmasking scandal I think there’s a lot of ways we can change the narrative and go on the offense and really remind people as the liberal media, as the bureaucratic state, as the democrats are attacking and going after Trump on these spurious charges of Russian collusion, we can actually start to talk about what’s actually real. What has happened in the unmasking scandal.

DOBBS: Devin Nunes, chairman of the intelligence committee, stepping up, despite all of the nonsense, going to take heat, showing real courage and real leadership. We’re starting to see Donald Trump in part, considerable spine to certain members of the house, and it is yet to be seen whether that will translate to the senate. But I have to say, one of the things — and I said this previously on this broadcast. One of the things that’s really encouraging is to see the president stand there, as you pointed out, in the Rose Garden with all of the people in front of him, all of them applauding at the appropriate time. That was unity. That was uniform. And president laid out importantly his rationale and his order, his decision. None of this nonsense the president was in charge.

BRUCE: And it was information that he knew the legacy media would not share, that they will not tell you about what this Paris accord really is, which is an economic dynamic of a redistribution of American taxpayer money to the rest of the world.

DOBBS: Just $3 trillion.

BRUCE: Yes. But see, this is — this is what — look, this is how Reagan how to handle it, once you get into the groove of doing this, you get the right people around you, the visual of that applause indicates the president is not alone and Americans had the information, and really, he left the American media in the dust. These individuals who have been after him for so long.

DOBBS: There are little fusions now. I think the irrelevancy of this group of people who are trying in the national left-wing media to go after him. I’m watching a reporter today, she said actually, to Sean Spicer, would you check into that and report back to us?


He was very nice, he said, if I can, I will. I would have had a lot of other things to say, and none of them would be repeatable on national television or maybe not repeatable.

RYUN: Lou, the thing that I would like to see Trump do now that he’s got this momentum, I would like to see him pull Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell down to the White House, sit them in the oval office and say gentlemen, you’re going to pass my legislative agenda. We are going to get tax reform passed to juice the economy so that I can be helpful to you in the 2018 election. So I think he’s going to have to lean into the legislative agenda. He’s got momentum. Let’s go for it.

DOBBS: Absolutely, and the other thing is, this president is assured of, it looks to me, like eight years, Messrs. Ryan and Mitch McConnell, they and their members are not so assured. They better get on board.

RYUN: That’s right.

DOBBS: Ned Ryun, Tammy Bruce, thank you both for being with us.

BRUCE: Thanks.

DOBBS: Appreciate it. Thanks for being with us tonight. Congressman Mike Kelly, Ed Rollins, Michael Goodwin, among our guests Monday, please be with us. Until then, have a very special weekend. Enjoy yourselves. Thanks again for being with us. Good night.