With Bannon’s departure, a strong voice for the administration is now gone

Of all the departures from the West Wing in the last month, Stephen Bannon’s departure on Friday was by far the most disturbing to President Trump’s base. After less than a full year serving to drive Trump’s America first agenda, he was forced out. Bannon has been called a variety of things, most of them deeply unfair, but he was, and is, one thing for sure: the loudest and truest voice to the America First agenda among the Trump team.

What’s troubling about Bannon’s departure is that the strong voice that was advocating day in and day out for the campaign agenda is now gone, replaced by senior staff voices that are not in alignment with the people who put Donald Trump in the White House. Having been in Washington, D.C., for nearly 20 years now, with a father that served in Congress for 10 years, it is very apparent to me that personnel is policy.

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