Trump’s Critics Don’t Get Putin’s Real Agenda

President Trump’s most excitable critics have spent almost a year claiming that the president colluded with Russia to win the White House, with some suggesting he should be impeached and members of his campaign be prosecuted criminally. There is still no evidence that anyone associated with Trump colluded with Russia, and with a bureaucracy that leaks like a sieve, there would likely have been proof of it by now.

If anything, we now know that Democrats’ relationship with Fusion GPS could have included criminal acts and collusion. Calmer critics suggest Trump is naïve about Russia even though his actions have demonstrated the opposite.

More importantly, the president’s critics seem to demonstrate that they don’t know Cold War history, don’t understand Russia, and don’t understand how authoritarians like Putin operate. They fail to understand Putin’s needs and goals, which have little to do with him trying to control the American government and much more to do with trying to sow chaos and confusion in the democratic countries that oppose Putin’s aggression.

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