Spineless Republicans on the Hill are weighing down the Trump administration

With some of the major 2016 storylines of the “Russia hacked the election story,” biting the dust, it’s time to have a conversation about other 2016 stories, from the fairytale of Russian-Trump campaign collusion, to Hillary Clinton’s email server, to James Comey and Loretta Lynch’s manipulation of that investigation, and the Obama Administration’s unmasking scandal.

I said this spring on MSNBC that Russian collusion was a fairytale that the Left puts itself to sleep with in hopes that they’ll wake up and find Hillary in the White House. Or as President Trump has described it, a hoax. And yet many of the spineless Republicans on the Hill have been absolutely complicit in the media’s attempt to tie and weigh down the Trump administration to this fiction of Russian collusion.

Any objective person who takes more than five seconds on the matter would step back and ask himself: with a bureaucracy that leaks like a sieve that’s had fifty extra holes punched in it, don’t we think there would have been something by now? With a national security apparatus that clearly despised Trump, don’t you think Clapper and Brennan would have succeeded in finding something and pushed it out? And forget our intelligence agencies: foreign countries have also failed to find anything.

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