Op-ed: Here’s how Trump can score some wins in 2018

Although some don’t want to admit it, Donald Trump had a pretty good first year in office.

From appointing a conservative judicial rock star in Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court, to appointing 12 circuit judges, to rolling back or cutting over 1,500 regulations, to getting a tax bill signed before Christmas, Trump made headway on his agenda despite being hampered by the albatross around his neck, the fake Russia-collusion investigation. Even Politico admitted he was able to have a good year, listing 138 accomplishments by Trump in 2017.

But I’m realistic about 2018: Those paragons of political courage sitting in Congress will have very little stomach for major policy battles in an election year, especially one that historically is not good for the party occupying the White House. So, memo to Paul Ryan: Mitch “The Turtle” McConnell and I actually agree on something — entitlement reform isn’t happening in 2018.

However, Trump shouldn’t let himself be hampered by a recalcitrant Congress. He can score some real wins in 2018 simply by using his executive powers.

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