Op-ed: Trump’s triumphant first year in office

When you have a president who has toiled in the rings of the World Wrestling Federation and on top-rated reality TV, you know the upcoming State of the Union Address will surely have some surprises and some drama. But there also isn’t much mystery about what President Trump’s first State of the Union Address will focus on.

Dare I say, winning?

The speech will, and should, begin with a triumphant recitation of his first year successes because, by any measurement, it was a very good first year. Between gritted teeth and intermittent wails, even many of his enemies have grudgingly admitted that his list of accomplishments was impressive.

Throw in the nonstop assault of many in the mainstream media, a lot of stepping on his own message and the albatross of an illegitimate Russia investigation, and Trump’s accomplishments become that much more impressive.

It started with his nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, and despite a major set back on health-care reform, his accomplishments added up as the year went on.

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