Dems’ dreams dashed — wishing upon a star doesn’t make the collusion fairytale true

With its 253-page report, the House Intelligence Committee has formally cleared the Trump campaign of any charges of collusion with Russia. While the wailings of the political left at the death of their dreams of taking out Donald Trump over the hoax of Russian collusion are amusing, there never were any facts to support the left’s conspiracy theory. There was innuendo, rumor-mongering, fake dossiers, leaked memos, but no factual evidence.

While I suppose it was all a semi-useful process to do a nearly year-long investigation, as I stated nearly a year ago on MSNBC, there never was evidence, there is no evidence and there never will be evidence of collusion because it simply doesn’t exist.

Trump-Russia collusion was a fairytale with which the left put itself to sleep at night in hopes they’d wake up in the morning and Donald Trump would no longer be in the White House. But as the left has discovered, wishing on a star for a fairytale to be true doesn’t actually turn it into facts. It’s desperately hard to turn a fairytale into facts.

In fact, it’s impossible.

The shame of all of this is that, well over a year into the Trump presidency, we still have some people pushing conspiracy theories and a special counsel investigation in pursuit of a crime. Since Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein lacked the moral fortitude to stand up to the left and the mainstream media’s demands for a special counsel, he spun up Bob “Show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime” Mueller and his pack of partisan wolves.

What he should have done was first let congressional investigators do their jobs. Now if there had been any evidence of collusion or a crime found by House Intel, or any other congressional committee (hint: there won’t be), then Rosenstein would have been justified in appointing a special counsel. (To be honest, Rosenstein shouldn’t have been doing the appointing, as he should have recused himself over the massive conflicts he has).

So now we have an illegitimate Mueller investigation spun up on false pretenses (“Trump is a Putin puppet!”), the rumor and innuendo of the Steele Dossier — a piece of partisan propaganda filled with Russian disinformation — and the illegally leaked memos of James Comey, a delusional and embittered fired employee seeking revenge. With no one seemingly willing to pull the plug on the special counsel, who knows when it will actually end; perhaps we’ll find Mueller assistant Anthony Weismann, decades from now, wandering about in a jungle thinking collusion is still real. We simply don’t know.

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