The Ever Shrinking James Comey

It’s amusing to watch the James Comey Self-Aggrandizement Tour stagger along. With every passing day, Comey diminishes himself and solidifies his true legacy: a self-aggrandizing, sanctimonious prig that who somehow thinks he, of all people, has cornered the market on morality.

His carefully cultivated act of “The Last Honest Man, Boy Scout for the Ages” schtick is being shown to be just that: an act. Of course, truth be known, this entire image is a work decades in the making, stretching back to the days when Comey was the U.S. attorney in Richmond and hired a local reporter named Mike Kulstad to become his personal troubadour. And like all personal troubadours, Kulstad has gone with Comey from Richmond to New York and on to the Department of Justice and the FBI to be Comey’s personal press secretary, spinning the myth and legend of Comey’s noble quest for honesty and truth. But again, it’s just an act.

Comey’s press tour and his book show us what he really is. As Meghan McCain told Comey on “The View,” he “sound[s] like a political commentator.” Savannah Guthrie went even further saying that some are calling his bitterness and insulting comments about the president “catty” and noted they degrade the rest of his book. Comey’s “aw shucks” response rings hollow. Comey knew exactly what he was saying and the effect he intended it to have on his audience. Every day that Comey sits in front of a TV camera, caked in makeup, brings us one step closer to understanding his true partisan nature.

As with all facades, especially the very thin ones, they crumble quite easily when exposed to pressure and force. In fact, while Comey has portrayed himself as the honest one and Trump the liar, that’s not quite right. This past Sunday night, in his interview with former Clinton press flack turned “journalist” George Stephanopoulos, Comey acknowledged that he leaked documents, but claimed that none of them were classified.

That’s simply untrue.

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