The Democratic Party and its leftward drift

Hillary Clinton can’t stop living in the past. On her latest stop in her “it’s not me, it’s you” multi-nation pity party blaming American voters for being too racist, misogynistic and gullible to alleged Russian mind tricks, it feels like she’s stopped just short of blaming reptilian aliens for her loss in 2016.

But, this past week, the former First Lady and failed presidential candidate took a new line of excuse. While in New York City at the horribly inaccurately named Shared Value Leadership Summit, Clinton made a stunning admission: Calling herself a “capitalist” during the Iowa caucuses hurt her election chances because “41 percent of Democrats are socialists or self-described socialists” in that state. Unfortunately for both Hillary Clinton and the country, she’s closer to the truth about the core of the Democrats’ party than many want to admit.

While many on the left decry the Tea Party, saying the Republican Party has shifted too far to the right, they’ve failed to acknowledge just how far their party has shifted to the left. Take Candidate Obama versus President Obama as Exhibit A: Candidate Obama’s stance on gay marriage in 2008 would have made him virtually unelectable by 2018 in a Democrat primary. In fact, Candidate Obama in 2008 would almost certainly have lost to Candidate Obama 2012 just because of his 2008 stance on gay marriage. And a Democrat presidential candidate running on that stance in the 2020 presidential primaries? Forget about it.

Just a little more than a decade prior to Obama’s election, Hillary Clinton’s husband signed the Defense of Marriage Act after it passed through Congress with the support of liberals like Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid. Imagine that happening today. Quite frankly, the only way it would happen today is if party financier George Soros ordered them to do it.

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