The media’s real enemy? Themselves

With the most recent grandstanding by Jim Acosta at a White House briefing, the issue of fake news and those who push it being enemies of the people came to the forefront of the conversation again. Acosta, the liberal-activist-posing-as-objective-journalist wrapped in sanctimonious hypocrisy, demanded that Sarah Sanders say the press is the not the enemy of the people. Sanders, of course, refused to play Acosta’s game.

In this conversation about who is whose enemy, the media needs to understand who their worst enemy actually is: themselves. And while they decry how Trump is endangering them and antagonistic to them, they should be happy he’s not doing to them what other presidents have done, like passing sedition acts against journalists or having the CIA wiretap them. I know in an age of snowflakes, a few tweets can be very hurtful, but people need to have perspective

Those who willingly and knowingly push false narratives in an attempt to undermine Trump should start looking at the polls. In 1976, Gallup’s poll regarding the trustworthiness of the mainstream media showed that 72 percent of the American people thought the media was either trustworthy or very trustworthy.

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