Midterm elections – A choice between GOP progress and dangerous Democratic socialism

President Trump was right to characterize Tuesday’s midterm elections as a choice between jobs and mobs. Common sense dictates that Republican candidates are offering us a path to continued progress, while Democrats want to move our nation in the wrong direction.

The president and Republicans in Congress have a proven record of success in creating jobs and strengthening our economy with tax cuts and the elimination of excessive regulations that do far more harm than good. Wages are climbing and our unemployment rate of 3.7 percent is at the lowest level since 1969. American manufacturing jobs are coming back beyond all expectations, as if someone waved a magic wand.

Unfortunately, the Democratic Party has moved so far to the left that it has left most Americans behind. The party no longer represents the views of the mainstream, but instead embraces radical policies that used to be held only by fringe extremist groups.


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