The Biggest Lie of the Green New Deal

We have now seen the end results of the self-esteem movement and the indoctrination camps of higher learning: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her Green New Deal. Equipped with deep ignorance, bolstered by overwhelming confidence, and layered over by a distinct lack of self-awareness, the freshman representative from the Bronx has produced for the world a plan that is a rare combination mind-blowing ignorance and insanity.

But in it we do catch a glimpse of the everyday stupidity being preached aggressively on campuses across the country: it’s hard to deny that in our capitalistic country, college campuses are the last bastions of failed ideologies like socialism that are taught by failed ideologues with tenure. When those ideas are brought forth from the campus cocoon into the real world, the detachment from reality is on full display.

If the Green New Deal were ever implemented in a real way, it would incinerate the U.S. economy. Ascendant competitors such as China, India, Brazil, and Russia would laugh in triumph over the smoldering ruins of what used to be the world’s greatest economic and political power.


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