In failing to condemn Rep. Ilhan Omar, the Democratic Party is tolerating itself to death

If you are shocked at the Democratic Party’s timid response to Rep. Ilhan Omar’s numerous anti-Semitic remarks, you shouldn’t be. It just means you haven’t been following Democratic politics, and more specifically, progressive politics, the last few years. This is the end result of a party that has become infected by the Boycott, Divestment and Sanction (BDS) movement targeting the state of Israel’s right to exist, and the progressive movement that has embraced the absurdity of intersectionality and moral equivalency.

There is a reason that Nancy Pelosi lacks the courage to forcefully denounce Omar’s rhetoric, and lacks the will to remove her from the Foreign Affairs committee, as the GOP did to one of its own who engaged in racist rhetoric. It’s called the politics of self-preservation and expediency.

A not insignificant amount of the progressive base, the small donor base, and grassroots workers of the Democratic Party adhere to the BDS movement. This movement is not simply a movement that disagrees with some of Israel’s policies. It is a militant anti-Semitic movement that ultimately seeks to bring down the state of Israel. No other state is targeted the way Israel is, and it is targeted because it is a Jewish state. Apparently Muslim states are fine with the BDS movement, but a Jewish state is not.


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