Trump is having the best week — ever

Well, what a week for Donald J. Trump.

First, Mueller and his partisan pack of wolves ended their witch-hunt, realizing that even with the awesome power of the special counsel and tens of millions of taxpayer dollars they couldn’t turn a fairytale into fact. The abbreviated report released by Attorney General Bill Barr showed that Mueller cleared Trump of any charges of collusion.

While some on the left and in the Democratic Party think that there is some hope for obstruction of justice, someone should probably tell them that was always the weakest of the potential charges against Trump. The president can’t be accused of obstruction for firing someone within the executive branch.
Furthermore, one happy by-product of the Mueller investigation is it revealed just how poorly James Comey performed as FBI director. Even many of the most fevered members of the swamp accept that President Trump had every right to fire him. Mature people know when to take the loss and move on. The good news for Trump is that most of the Democrats in Congress aren’t in that group.



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