The critical 5G war

There’s a war going on for your next cell phone network. You might not have heard about it, but last week President Trump made a major move to protect American interests and support American technology superiority.

By announcing a broad deployment of 5G networks and financial incentives for American companies to keep pace with China and other competitors, Trump is continuing his administration’s push on the 5G front. This is just the next step in the battle over who will control the future of 5G. Congress, our executive branch, and American companies need to understand what’s at stake with the development and implementation of 5G networks, especially as it relates to China.

We’re on the cusp of the next revolution in internet connectivity. The fifth generation of cellular technology, or 5G, is upon us. 5G isn’t just an incremental advance in technology: it’s a giant leap forward. If done right, we’ll see significantly faster speeds not only on our cell phones, but also for Internet of Things devices.


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