The Real Pandemic Is the Fascist Left

The real pandemic in this country is one of growing fascism from our so-called political Left.

The far-Left Democratic Party doesn’t care about your essential freedoms—from speech and the free flow of ideas to freedom of assembly—particularly when those freedoms stand in the way of their pursuit of power.

This is the party, after all, who opposed Abraham Lincoln and stood in the way of integration well into the 1960s. Where Democratic hatred of freedom has become glaringly apparent in recent times is with their obsession with COVID vaccine mandates and mask mandates, most especially for school-aged children. This “pandemic” has exposed what is truly afoot here, fascist authoritarianism at its most potent and dangerous.

And why not? After all, Joe Biden and his son clearly have felt comfortable accepting money and favors from businesses in China and other authoritarian nations around the globe, so why shouldn’t Biden bring this unique brand of fascism home?

What’s also become clear is that the little fascists on the Left would like to punish all who dare to exercise their freedom and refuse to comply with their unscientific mandates.

Rasmussen report recently revealed that many Democrats even support fines, home confinement, and prison sentences for not complying with their ever-changing, anti-science COVID restrictions, regulations, and mandates. Specifically, 75 percent of Democrats want Biden’s vaccine mandate for companies with over 100 employees, 55 percent support fines for unvaccinated people, and 48 percent were in favor of jail sentences. In fact, 29 percent of Democrats say they support taking children away from parents who refused to get them vaccinated.

That’s right: if there were no restraints, no consequences at all, and they could get away with it, roughly half of the Democratic Party would send you to jail for not complying with the arbitrary rules which might or might not change next week.