Hindsight Is 20/20, Unless You’re a Democrat

Hindsight is 20/20—unless you’re a Democrat. Then you can be a political arsonist, figuratively and literally, and move from target to smoldering target without a twinge of guilt. See the Russian collusion hoax, the Black Lives Matter riots, Ukrainian quid pro quo, etc. All of these were either massive lies or destructive to the tune of billions of dollars.

But this kind of recklessness reaches the next level when they play political arson with another country that borders a nuclear power and then act like they had nothing to do with it. There are serious consequences in the real world outside of this country where the corporate propagandists can’t run interference for the Democrats and where someone with his trigger finger on thousands of nukes might not like what they’re doing.

I’m referring to the “incident” in 2014 in Ukraine when Barack Obama’s State Department decided it would foment a coup and help install a “friendly” government, essentially turning Ukraine into something of a client state to use it as a tool to destabilize Russia and Vladimir Putin—perhaps to the point of bringing about regime change in Moscow. Now, some people are horrified that their countrymen might question the wisdom of this maneuver. That’s not allowed. Instead, we are expected to nod in agreement like drones: “We must support Ukraine for democracy and freedom!” or else you are a Putin stooge and, somehow, unpatriotic.

To those people, I kindly and humbly say: Get bent.