Honk! Is the Freedom Convoy a Teachable Moment for the American Right?

It’s pretty amazing how a few weeks of honking in Ottawa combined with parents standing up to autocratic school boards appear to be doing more to move public opinion and change the everyday lives of Americans for the better than decades of funding CPAC social events and conservative think-tanking have done. Fascinating when you think about it.

Just take a moment to reflect on how much this activism has changed the debate and brought to the surface the fascistic tendencies of the Left in Canada and in the United States. Prime Minister Justin “Low-T” Trudeau has invoked draconian emergency powers in Canada, while all across the United States, school boards are digging in—essentially telling parents and taxpayers to pound sand when they object to mask mandates and critical race indoctrination. The arrogant, out-of-touch responses to the protests has been illuminating for many and it has had and will continue to have real-world consequences.

The political realignment of parents because of school boards’ behavior was on display recently in Virginia. The state flipped by 12 points in a year due, in large part, to the activism of parents who stood up and simply said, “No more.” But the arrogant, ham-handed reactions from people in power would never have been on display for all the world to see without that activism triggering those responses from the powers that be.