Conservatism, Inc. Fiddles While the Republic Burns

April 30th, 2023

While members of the conservative think tank elite, outfitted in black tie and ball gowns, sat celebrating themselves in a Washington, D.C., ballroom listening to Dierks Bentley and popping off fireworks over the Potomac, their opponents in Minnesota were pre-registering 16- and 17-year-olds to vote, enacting “motor voter” laws, and establishing pop-up polling locations wherever they expected a balloting hotspot might be (think drop boxes on steroids).

While the Left is actually working to achieve generational political power, elites on the Right seem satisfied to simply celebrate . . . what? The latest white paper? The sold-out conference on how the Left is beating them in the political arena? Another record fundraising year where 60 percent of the funds go to promote the institution rather than on-the-ground efforts to implement the ideas? It’s usually all of the above.

Anyone invested in liberty, free markets, and a fundamental respect for life should be horrified by the Left’s obsession with complete power. But this has been the trend for years. One should have a healthy, if only grudging, respect for the sheer force of effort, skill, and chicanery the Left perpetrates every day in the pursuit of its goals. The Left is wired for the pursuit of political power because they understand a very simple truism that my organization, American Majority, constantly emphasizes: politics is policy. The Left knows that if it has political power it gets to implement whatever hideous policy ideas they have—and, as we have seen, they have a lot of them.

Now juxtapose the Left’s pursuit and use of the sledgehammer of raw political power, with Conservatism, Inc. fiddling while the republic burns.