Trump in 2024? Bet on It!

We’re going to get a massive red wave this fall. The 2021 results in Virginia, out of control inflation, Joe Biden’s dismal approval ratings in recent polls (for perspective, Obama’s approval rating was 44.7 percent in October 2010, just before the midterm mauling Democrats got that year), soaring gas prices, and a porous southern border indicate that even places Biden won by 20 points in 2020 are in play this fall.

Perhaps that sounds crazy at first, but it shouldn’t. Democrats are already spending millions to defend incumbent senators in states like Washington and Colorado—states Biden won by 19 and 14 points, respectively. Why? Because they’re seeing the same dynamics I am. I’ll be very surprised if on the low end Republicans don’t pick up 40 seats in the House and three or four Senate seats. On the high end? Depends on how badly Grandpa Dementia’s administration implodes over the next four months or so. Looking at the current trajectory, we haven’t seen the bottom yet.

We’re still months away from the November midterms—which will be devastating for Democrats at the state and local levels, too—and we’re already seeing people looking ahead to the presidential election in 2024 and more specifically who is going to run and represent the Republican party.

We should start with the fact that Donald Trump is going to run again. He’s 114-10 in his endorsements so far in 2022, in great health, raising significant amounts of money and will no doubt announce by January 2023, if not before (I suspect in November, post-midterms). Other names are being tossed about: Mike Pence, Kristi Noem, Nikki Haley, random names from the phone book . . .  essentially an assortment of political pygmies. None of them stand a snowball’s chance in hell against Trump.