Trump Should Announce His Candidacy Before the Midterms

Former President Donald Trump should announce his election bid for 2024 on the Tuesday after Labor Day. Here’s why.

Trump is an asset—and not, as beltway insiders like to assert—a liability on the campaign trail, especially in key Senate and gubernatorial races. Donald Trump revitalized a crumbling, corporatist Republican Party and began making it his own America First party, which reinvigorated it. He turned it into a party that welcomed the working class, Hispanics, black Americans, and Asian Americans. Now these groups are voting red, or at least leaving the Democratic Party, in staggering numbers; there’s a reason a million voters have changed parties in the last year from Democrat to Republican. It’s not because of anything Mitch McConnell or most other top Republicans have done. It’s Trump and his policies which finally reshaped the GOP.