Finding Their Teeth, and Claws

With every passing week and after years of growing evidence, it’s become clear the Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation are little more than politicized, corrupt, and weaponized agencies of the government that exist to go after the Left’s political opponents. In just the last six years, we have all the empirical evidence we need to know that the FBI is irredeemable and should be dismantled.

Exhibit A: This FBI secured four illegal FISA warrants as a result of the Steele dossier, which they knew was bogus, all to spy on the duly elected president of the United States. The same FBI in 2020 used Twitter and likely Facebook to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story. No big deal? More than nine percent of swing state voters indicated they would have switched their votes from Biden to Trump had they known of the laptop (which means Trump would have sailed to re-election).

The same FBI then raids the home of the former president of the United States in 2022, apparently for very spurious reasons, while the Justice Department refuses to release the affidavit as to why it felt it was necessary to take such extraordinary steps. Hint: it’s not justifiable. It’s about targeting someone they view as an existential threat to them and their beloved administrative state. This same corrupt Justice Department has spent $100 million pursuing Trump and his supporters, while almost nothing on pursuing the Black Lives Matter rioters who destroyed billions in property and killed dozens of people in 2020.

If you still think either of these institutions is trustworthy, you might actually be part of the problem.